Dr Attilio Pigneri

Attilio Pigneri

Dr Attilio Pigneri is a professional mechanical engineer from Italy, with Masters and PhD in the energy and environmental areas. Attilio has more than 10 years of professional and academic experience in the broader energy area in Europe, California, China, Australia and New Zealand, with a strong professional and academic focus on strategic planning for the development alternative energy infrastructures and greenhouse gas mitigation initiatives. Attilio has provided strategic, technical advisory and due diligence services for a wide range of hydrogen and fuel cells initiatives in Europe, the US and Japan, including the development of infrastructure studies, RD&D programs, commercialization initiatives and technology partnerships. Attilio’s hydrogen-energy consulting and research activities focus on the integration between hydrogen and the existing electricity and gas infrastructures, in particular on hydrogen delivery issues and the development of utility-scale energy storage options integrated with intermittent renewable energy power generation. Attilio is an expert contributor to the International Energy Agency – Hydrogen Implementing Agreement IEA-HIA task 24, wind-energy and hydrogen integration and the new IEA-HIA task 28, large-scale hydrogen delivery and storage. In 2014 Attilio has founded H2U a specialist developer of hydrogen infrastructures for sustainable mobility and renewable energy storage applications.