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Abstracts are invited to be submitted for the 6th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC2015), a leading technical and commercial event for the global hydrogen energy and fuel cell community.

The overall theme of WHTC2015 is Vehicles and energy storage systems, towards full commercialisation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and this will be explored through a series of plenary and concurrent sessions. Both oral and poster presentations will feature as valued components of the extensive three day Convention program.

Please read the information below to assist in your submission. To begin, then click on the button below to make your submission.

 WHTC2015 Submit Abstract

Key Dates

Call for Abstracts Open December 2014
Call for Abstracts Close Now closed
Speaker Notification of Abstract Acceptance Mid May 2015
Speaker Acceptance Deadline Early June 2015
Speaker Registration Deadline End June 2015
WHTC Convention 11-14 October 2015

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Presentation FORMAT

Authors will be required to indicate their preferred presentation format when submitting an abstract.

  • Please select Oral Presentation if you wish for your abstract to be considered for oral presentation 
  • Please select Poster Presentation if you wish to be considered for this type of presentation 
Oral Presentation

Oral presenters will be notified of their presentation duration in the acceptance letters. Abstracts not selected for oral presentation may be eligible for a poster presentation.

Poster Presentation

A poster presentation constitutes a visual display of research projects. Your poster must not extend beyond the boundaries of your display board – one display board will be allocated per poster. Full details of the format and display of posters will be detailed within the acceptance notifications sent to nominated presenting authors.

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The overall theme of WHTC2015 is:

Vehicles and energy storage systems, towards full commercialisation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

Abstracts should be submitted within the following theme areas for consideration for oral or poster presentations (sub-themes have been listed as suggestions only and are not all-inclusive): 

Transportation applications
Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and fleets
Hydrogen and hydrogen blends for ICE vehicles
Systems analysis and well-to-wheel studies

New modelling techniques
New simulation software


Stationary applications
Distributed power generation
Smart grid and distributed power
Uniterruptible power supply (UPS) and back-up power
Power to gas

Hydrogen internal combustion engine conversion
Conversion techniques
Dual fuel
Triple fuel
Safety systems
Control systems

Fuel cells
Electrochemistry of catalysts / fuel cells
PEM/HT-PEM fuel cells: electrolytes, stack components
PEM fuel cells / components reliability, durability and water management
High-temperature fuel cells
Novel fuel cell concepts and stack architecture
Advanced modelling and systems design

Hydrogen production (electrolysis, reformation, etc.)
Hydrogen production and purification technologies
Renewable primary energy potential for hydrogen production
Biological hydrogen production
Hydrogen from renewable electricity
Thermochemical cycles
Reforming and gasification technologies
Hydrogen purification technologies

Safety and regulations
Vehicle and infrastructural safety modelling
Risk management, insurance and risk analysis studies
Regulations, codes and standards (for safety and performance)
Test methods for H2 and fuel cells (for safety and performance)

Storage (all forms)
Physical hydrogen storage
Compressed and cryo-compressed storage
Liquid hydrogen
Chemical hydrogen storage
Metal hydrides
Complex hydrides
Hydrogen storage systems

Novel hydrogen compression technologies
Electric compression
Air compression

Hydrogen dispensing technologies
Fuelling protocols and algorithms
Fuel provision for early market applications

Case studies (examples of successful projects)
e.g. Off-grid power supply and premium power generation, materials handling,
APU for vehicles and aircrafts, micro and portable applications
Defence related fuel cell applications, community based projects, industrial scale projects

Policy perspectives, initiatives and collaborations
International programmes, collaborative activities: networks, associations

Financing hydrogen technologies
National and international financial systems
Life-cycle assessment and economic impact
Socio-economic studies
Education and public awareness
Commercial rollout of applications and infrastructure
Hydrogen and FC: incentives, investments and finance
Environmental issues & climate change

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Abstract submission is a three step process:


Creating your abstract

Download the Abstract Template, save it to your desktop and use this template to create your abstract in the required format. Abstracts submitted not using the correct template will be returned for correction.

  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 1,000 words and in English.
  • Authors are permitted to submit more than one abstract.
  • Graphics and tables can be included in the abstract.
  • The abstract should outline the work that will be presented at the WHTC2015 in Sydney in October 2015.
  • Presentations can be oral or poster only.

After the closing date (27 March 2015) your abstract will be subjected to peer review.

After completing the abstract template move onto step 2.


Creating an account/logging in to the Presentation Portal

Firstly you must create an account in order to upload your abstract/s. To begin, please click on the button below entitled “SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT”.

WHTC2015 Submit Abstract

Once you have done this, if you have not previously submitted an abstract please click “Create New Account”. Your contact details will be required to create the account. You will be automatically logged in, as well as emailed a password for future use.

Once you’ve created an account within this portal you can upload abstracts, download the abstract template, view the terms and conditions and later register for the Convention and review the Speaker Briefing Notes should your submission be successful.


Submitting your abstract

Within the Presentation Portal, click on “New Abstract.” You will be required to provide the following details prior to uploading the abstract file:

  • The title of your abstract
  • Theme
  • Name and organisation of all co-presenters and co-authors
  • A brief biography of the presenting author (biography should be no more than 100 words)

You will then be asked to upload the abstract file. 

Please note:

  • All abstracts must be prepared according to the guidelines provided. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be returned to the author and must be re-submitted immediately in the correct format to be considered for inclusion in the program.
  • All fields on the online abstract submission form must be completed.
  • Abstracts must be submitted by the presenting author who should complete all fields on the online submission form.
  • Submission of your abstract/s implies you have read, understood and comply with the Terms and Conditions as outlined in the Presentation Portal.

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Confirming Your Submissions

You are required to double check your abstract has uploaded correctly and has successfully been converted to a PDF file during the upload process. If you have any concerns, please contact the Convention Office on T +61 3 9645 6311 or email

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Notification TO Authors

If you submitted an abstract prior to 27 March 2015, notification to authors will be communicated by the mid May 2015

Please note the contact details provided at the time of abstract submission should be for the nominated main contact for your abstract. All correspondence relating to the submission will be directed to this person, and they should in turn distribute to all co-presenters.